Is natural skincare the trend of the future?

As we become increasingly self-aware of our ecological impact, we find ourselves becoming increasingly inquisitive about the sources of the chemicals found within our cosmetics. Not only that, but we also find ourselves worrying about what certain chemicals may be doing to our own bodies. If health is increasingly becoming a priority for you, then it might be time for you to consider utilising natural skincare in your daily routine.  

Skin Types And Cures 

Consumers who tested the usage of natural skin-care products all agreed that the continued use of such products had a quantifiable positive impact on the health of their skin. However, a key question remains. Namely, what exactly can your skin gain from using such products? Suppose for a moment that you have very oily, acne prone skin. In this case, the use of natural products can help erase many skin imperfections, such as black and white heads, as well as pimples. Should you have dry skin, natural products could help to mobilise skin cell oil production, helping to restore skin to a more appropriate, normal level. No longer will you have to deal with the unpleasant feelings of itching, dryness, flakiness, pinching or burning. Instead of looking dull and feeling rough to the touch, your skin will gain its natural shine back, restoring that wonderful soft feel we all love. If you suffer from combination skin, then natural products might help to balance oil production. It is important to note that the use of natural products do not disturb or prevent the usual workings of the skin, as is the case with many traditional synthetic cosmetics. They instead work with the skin, motivating it to work correctly.  

Your Skin Will Thank You 

Cosmetics that are founded on plant-based oils and extracts work in harmony with any necessary functions that an organism requires to live. Natural products are no different. The skin readily accepts that which nature provides. That is why natural products tend to be safer for nearly all skin types. Issues like inflammation, dryness and allergic reactions are easily controlled by such products. Whilst every attempt is made to keep our products as hypo allergenic as possible, not every product achieves such a rating. However, you’ll find that natural products lack many (if not all) of the chemicals that are usually responsible for such reactions. Chemicals like preservatives, sodium laurel sulfates (SLS’s), PEG, silicones and parabens are all absent from our natural products. It is because of this that your skin tolerates natural products more, and the overall risk of an allergic reaction is lower. Instead, natural products use soothing compounds that clean and emulsify, as well as contain natural smells.  

Simple Recipes, The Key To Success

A simple combination of ingredients is just one of the many benefits one receives from purchasing and using natural skincare. If one picks out a conventional brand of cosmetic product at random, one is usually inundated with long, indecipherable list of chemicals. The adage “keep it simple, stupid” holds especially true in cosmetics. The shorter the list of ingredients, the better. If one product happens to have a slightly longer list of ingredients, then one shouldn’t have any issues deciphering the purpose of all the ingredients listed. Some of these ingredients, such as parabens, exist as fillers. Fillers stop the active ingredients from being readily absorbed into the skin, causing the product to be less effective. As stated above, none of our natural products contain such ingredients. To add to this point, many of the active ingredients in plant-based substances aid in supporting the natural processes in the skin, instead of disrupting them, as is the case with conventional cosmetics. How can this be visible in reality? Instead of creating a barrier that retains moisture, the active ingredients instead bind to the water in the skin cells, preventing evaporation. Instead of blocking the workings of the sebum glands, the active ingredients support them. Instead of coating the hair with a shiny substance, they work to build the hair from the inside out, helping to soften, smooth and bring out the natural shine hidden within.